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What does Church Camp mean to me?

Church camp is upon us, and our camp theme for this year is “An Intergenerational Church”. We are thankful that Mt Hermon is able to display the spiritual unity of the Gospel as several generations worship side by side as one family each week. In this week’s editorial, we asked five Hermonites from different generations to answer the question, “What does Church Camp mean to me?” Let’s hear from them!

Pastor Luwin Wong 

Hannah, 10

Through the camp, I hope to have a personal encounter with Jesus so that I will be convinced He is the only true God. I want to trust God for everything in my life too. I also want to know more about my church’s members through participating in activities.


After the camp, I would like to apply the spiritual principles in my life.

Ruby, 18

Church Camp means connection to me — connection with God, with brothers and sisters in Christ, with oneself.


It's an opportunity away from the hustle and bustle of the world to delve deeper into His Word, admire His wonder and grow stronger in Him.


It's a time of fellowship with fellow children of God, to reconnect over meals, bond over games and forge relationships and memories that last a lifetime. 

It's a space to dig deep within ourselves, away from all the noise and distractions, to reflect, rejuvenate and to rejoice. 


Church camp is special to me, not because of the tangible items or the gorgeous locations but for the connection at the heart of it — the growth, bonds and support that endure long after the few days of camp.


I can't wait to participate in worship, engage in bible discussions, hang out with people and cherish the time together at our upcoming camp in Bintan.


Trina Oh, 21

Paradise. Like coming up for fresh air. To be fully immersed in God’s word is a rare thing for people who aren’t pastors, missionaries etc (I would think). To be able to fully dwell among Christ’s people and His words is precious.


Although it is probably what we should be doing, with many worldly problems plaguing our mental capacity, it is inevitable for us to be distracted.


The chance to have so much opportunity for spiritual growth, and to have the Word of God be taught continuously — isn’t that such paradise?


Furthermore, having grown up in Hermon, this is my spiritual family. We all know that time is fleeting. I look forward to cherishing the time spent and the bonds made. This fellowship is irreplaceable and unmissable, which makes it all the more precious.


Malar Thomas, 57

Over the years in Hermon, I have had the opportunity to attend several church camps. Church camp allows me to reconnect with my faith while strengthening bonds within the church community. I enjoy these experiences, and I treasure the inspiring worship sessions, prayers and insightful sermons.


The camp's inclusive environment ensures that there's something for everyone, regardless of age. Activities like group discussions, outdoor games and communal meals instil a sense of unity and belonging.

I especially value the quiet moments of personal reflection that the camp provides. These moments allow me to pause and reflect on my spiritual journey, gaining new insights and a deeper understanding of my faith. The friendships formed during these times are rooted in shared experiences and a common purpose of growing closer to God.


Overall, church camp is a cherished tradition that leaves me refreshed, inspired and more connected to my faith and community.

Gene Tan, 68

Church camp is a good time to reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord towards me and the Christian community and fellowship He has put me in.


It is a time for renewing my friendships with current members and getting to know the new members better.


Church camp is also an uninterrupted time for family bonding with loved ones and deepening Christian bonds with members of the church community in the Lord.


Most importantly, it is a time for spiritual growth as we feed on the Word of God through the messages and programme planned for us.

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