Jesus – the Son of David, Son of Adam, Son of God

Date: 20 Mar 2022

Sermon Text: Luke 2:1-52

Speaker: Pastor Daniel Tan

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Blessed Sunday to all. We thank God that through technology, we can continue to worship God, One Hermon in Many Homes.

I know for families with young children, it is a challenge to participate in Sunday Service even as you try to help your children log on for bible classes. Take care of them first and don’t feel that you have to somehow be able to do 2 things at one time. The full service recording is available on our website for the whole of Sunday.

I trust for the rest of us however that we are getting used to the idea that Service starts at 9.30 am. Soon when we get the in-person approval, let’s aim to be in Henderson by 9.15 am so that we can warm up to our mutual fellowship before settling in for service.

Now for everything there are always 2 sides of the coin right? Technology has also been a bane for many.

According to the news, the police have mentioned that “In particular, online scams saw a significant increase as Singaporeans carried out more online transactions due to the COVID-19 situation”.

They further elaborate that “In the majority of these cases, victims were tricked into disclosing their mobile numbers or credit card information and One-Time Passwords (OTPs) to scammers who used compromised or spoofed social media accounts to impersonate their victims’ friends or followers on social media platforms”.

Many people get scammed because they think the person on the other end is their friend or someone known to them. Basically, the assumed identity gives credibility to their words and their actions.

Since scammers impersonate friends, they have credibility and so we interact with them because we trust our friends. So, in view of the many scams taking place online, POSB has on their website advice as to what we must do to avoid getting scammed.

The first point they have is to Confirm and double confirm someone’s identity. If you are going to share your password with or send money over to someone, make sure you double confirm who that is on the other side. May sure that person is genuine. Since we should go through such checks, to ensure that we are not scammed of our life savings, may we also be as vigilant to ensure that, whom we put our trust in for eternity, is also trustworthy.

Society tells us that the here and now is what matters only. Max out the 100 years we’ve got. But Scripture says the reality is that there is eternity awaiting for us after we pass on. Where would you and I end up standing when we walk through death’s door? Will it be in heaven in the presence of God or in hell, away from His loving presence and under His wrath?

Where we will end up, depends on whom we put our trust in today. So may we see from Scripture today that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is someone credible and dependable. Someone whom we can trust our eternity with.

At Jesus’ baptism, the Son of God identifies with sinful humanity