Radical Discipleship

Date: 1 May 2022

Sermon Text: Luke 6:17-49

Speaker: Ps Daniel Tan

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In the recent week, we learnt that 11 trainee lawyers were found to have cheated in their qualifying examination in 2020 and their application to be called to the Bar were questioned by the Law Society.

The spokesperson of the Law Society was quoted as:

"The Law Society's role is to assess the fitness and suitability of every person who applies for admission as an advocate and solicitor. This is a duty that the Law Society takes very seriously. As officers of the court, lawyers are held to a high standard in their professional and personal conduct. Good character and integrity are fundamental traits that every lawyer must have.”

This seem to be the first time the Attorney-General has objected to applications for admission to the Bar for cheating in the Bar exam.

Earlier in this month, the Singapore Medical Council suspended a GP for administering fake Covid-19 jabs to some 15 patients, allegedly charged at least three people between $1,000 and $1,500 per dose.

He also allowed at least 430 patients to take Covid-19 tests remotely, despite this being against the rules at the time.

This GP received the maximum suspension of 18 months, and the Council added that his actions put the general public at risk, and could have undermined confidence in the medical profession as well as Singapore's Covid-19 testing capabilities.

What we see here is that in both the law and medical profession, there is a code of ethical conduct that is expected of its practitioners. There is an expectation of their character and integrity.

Whatever profession that you work in, I’m sure there are similar professional code of conduct. It is to ensure that the profession continues to be respected, that it continues to live up to why it is deemed a profession in the first place.

Why do I bring this up? I would like us to see that having expectations on character and integrity are not foreign. It’s something that society has come to accept.

Now if you say, well I’m not a professional, I’m just a homemaker, I’m just a parent. Well, society does have some expectation of you as a parent.