How do we enter the Kingdom?

Date: 7 Aug 2022

Sermon Text: Luke 13:10-35

Speaker: Ps Luwin Wong

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If you could summarise the gospel in one sentence, what would it say? Or you can do word association. What words if you spring to mind when you think of the word Gospel? Take a minute to think about it.

I posed this question at another church’s youth service, I broke them up into groups, and each group had to come up with their summary sentence of the Gospel.

When I asked them, group by group to share their one sentence, all of them included the person of Jesus – Jesus coming to earth or God sending Jesus down to earth. And all of them included the concept of sin – salvation from sin, or forgiveness of sin. And all of them made mention of the Cross – the crucifixion, the atonement, the death of Jesus at Calvary.

Did you get all these elements into your summary sentence? Jesus, Sin and the Cross? If you didn’t, again, Christianity Explored is a course we run every year.

Now, what was lacking from every single groups’ summary is the word “Kingdom.”

I wonder, did your sentence include any mention of the Kingdom?

And the reason why this is important is because when Jesus proclaims the gospel, he repeatedly and consistently uses the language of the kingdom. The kingdom is not a secondary theme in the gospel of Jesus. The good news isn’t simply a liberation from the consequences of sin, it is an invitation into the kingdom of God.

So, the gospel is the gospel of the kingdom.

Luke 4:43 “but he said to them, “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.”

So what’s this kingdom? What is it like? How do we know its real? And most importantly, how do we get into the kingdom of God?

These are the questions that our text today touches upon.

So let’s begin with the basic question. Is the kingdom real? How do we know?