Disciples in an upside-down world

Date: 14 Aug 2022

Sermon Text: Luke 14:1-35

Speaker: Ps Daniel Tan

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Blessed Sunday morning to all. It is good to have some of us being part of the live broadcast team here in Henderson and for the many who join in from home.

For over 2 years, we have been functioning as One Hermon in Many Homes.

Does this plague look familiar to you? Not the design but the words.

This used to be very popular in homes. But now most don’t see the need to display it.

God is the head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal and the silent listener to every conversation.

In today’s passage, God is literally at the home of the ruler of the Pharisees. The words of the plague are well and alive. In Luke 14, Jesus the Son of God is however not the unseen guest and also not the silent listener.

I was actually thinking of an alternate title for this sermon and it was ‘Be careful when you invite Jesus for a home-cooked meal’.

Look at what a polemic guest Jesus was at this home. He committed a religious “error” in the house of the Pharisee, he chastised the guests present, reprimanded the host and after leaving the home, raised the bar of following him, so impossibly high.

After reading Luke 14, would you want Jesus as your guest? The next time you host a dinner, no one else will want to come.

So, I wonder, is this actually why many of us don’t have this plague anymore in our homes? It’s because we have read Luke 14.

If Jesus is going to be our guest, is he going to disapprove of how we entertain? Is He going to frown upon our conversations? Is He is going to be disappointed at our guest list?

Luke’s gospel was written originally for Theophilus a wealthy Gentile. Would his sensibilities have been offended at what was written?