Be Good Stewards of God’s Wealth

Date: 4 Sep 2022

Sermon Text: Luke 16:1-31 Speaker: Ps Daniel Tan

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Blessed Sunday to all.

Aug and September are months in which our public universities begin their terms. Eager young adults who have finished A levels and Poly, embark on a 3 or 4 year course hoping that it will result in them being able to secure a good paying job and a fulfilling career.

Came across this interactive table a few days ago. Very interesting how they are able to plot all the different university courses, their starting salary and even their employment rate. This is 2020 data.

If you want to have a challenging employment environment, then the Bachelor of Music is for you. And for those who seek full employability, then NTU Science with Education (I presume these are teachers) is for you.

And for those of us gunning for the highest starting salary, then the Bachelor of Science with honours is for you. It tops $6500/ month.

I wonder how the Bachelor of Divinity from Trinity Theological College would rank in this survey. I think it will definitely pull down the average starting salary but it might rank alongside teachers in employability.

The section title is SG Charts Rat Race. And it is very appropriate.

We are all running on this treadmill of salary chase because when we get down to fundamentals in our society, survival and success are always equated to financial terms.

Thus, society focuses on climbing the social-economic ladder. We seek to beat the inflation rate, secure our golden years and possibly passing some on to the next generation.

20 centuries ago, the struggle with wealth was just as real.

And Luke 16 is a whole chapter on Jesus addressing the tempt