Be Future Ready Today

Date: 6 Nov 2022

Speaker: Ps Daniel Tan

Sermon Text: Luke 21:5-38

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How many Sundays are there now to Christmas? If I’m not wrong there are 7 Sundays.

Christmas is significant for us as believers in Christ. It is because we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus the Son of God.

But the incarnation is significant not just because God became man, but because as a man, Jesus went to the cross for us.

To die for your sin and mine.

And so, it’s significant that as we prepare to celebrate Christmas in 7 Sunday’s time, we will be preparing by journeying through the final 3 chapters of Luke’s gospel.

The final 3 chapters that records for us the passion of Christ.

And it is the passion of Christ that gives us the depth of why Christmas is so significant for us as believers.

May I also link it to Reformation Sunday which we commemorated last week.

The Reformation brought us back to the correct understanding of salvation. We were reminded that salvation is God’s gracious gift which is received only by faith in the once for all sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary.

No acts of works can ever be sufficient to earn our salvation. Thus, we can only boast in the cross of Christ.

Therefore, because salvation is a gracious gift from God, which we celebrate at Easter, Christmas is all the more significant, because that is where Jesus’ earthly journey begins.

Now Christmas and Easter belong to the first coming of Jesus. When Jesus ascended to be with God the Father, the angels told the disciples He will come again.

We now live in the in-between time. The time between Jesus first appearance in the 1