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Our History

A brief look back at Mount Hermon Bible-Presbyterian Church's history


Our formative years, with Mt Carmel

In December 1960, Mount Carmel was founded as a Sunday School at a HDB flat in Redhill Close.


In January 1974, Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church officially came into being.

In October 1975, Telok Blangah Outreach was formed at Swee Pharmacy (Home of Elder Tan Kim Peng and Mrs Tan Swee Sin). It later moved to the home of Richard Ang and Cecilia for a short period and then to Su Dental at Wishart Road.

In January 1977, we moved to a 2-storey pre-war house at 3 Boon Leat Terrace (fondly called Sharon Vale) offered by Su Hong Mui. However, we later received a Complaint Letter on the unpermitted use of residential premises. This led to our move to the home of James & Susan Chua. By then, attendance at the church numbered approximately 25.


In September 1978, the church had 6 baptized members.

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Changes and Moves

In 1980, Ministry of National Development warned against homes used for religious service. Telok Blangah Outreach moved back to Su Dental at Wishart Road and lateron, to Lengkok Bahru. By then, the average attendance was about 30 worshipers. 

Lui Chiew Yee was appointed to a head task force to merge Hermon with Carmelites who chose to remain in Lengkok Bahru after move to Clementi Bible Centre. In March 1985, most Carmelites moved to Clementi Bible Centre but a remnant chose to remain behind (together with those from Telok Blangah Outreach) to continue the ministry at Lengkok Bahru premises. Attendance averaged from about 80 to 100 (Renamed as Mt Hermon Gospel Mission).

In Sept 1987, Mt Gerizm started Chinese Service at the Lengkok Bahru premises. 

Late 1980s and 1990s

Start of Mt Hermon at Choa Chu Kang

In 1988, our church registration was approved. Mount Hermon B-P Church became independent, the “first born” of Mount Carmel.

In Oct 1993, Hebron BP Church won tender for Choa Chu Kang Church Site at CCK St 52. We signed a MOU with Hebron B-P Church in March 1995, and jointly took site possession of CCKBC in Feb 1996.

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Our time at Choa Chu Kang

The 2000s was a period of growth for Mt Hermon. We saw the ordination of Elder Elgin Chan in October 2002 and Rev. (Dr) David Wong being appointed as Supervisory Pastor in 2005. Our current lead pastor, Ps Daniel Tan came on board as a full-time Pastoral Staff in November 2006.  

In 2010, Mt Hermon also expanded our outreach work to Bercham town in Ipoh, West Malaysia. The Ministry was started by Mr Zebedee Lee, and the work is still ongoing today.

In 2013, Mt Hermon officially adopted the ESV bible in our church. The church also celebrated our 21st anniversary, and saw Elder Daniel being ordained as a Minister of the Gospel. In addition, during our anniversary celebrations, the church sent a longtime member of our church, Mr Luwin Wong, off to studies at the Singapore Bible College. Luwin has since returned and is currently serving as Assistant Pastor in Mount Hermon.


Our next chapter in Henderson

After our fruitful time in Choa Chu Kang, we had to seek a new place of worship as the MOU was terminated. We thank God for providing us with a suitable place at Henderson. We rejoice to use this glorious place to bear witness to Jesus Christ in the city of Singapore.

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