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Letting go and letting Him

In one of our CG lessons and pulpit messages, we were told that we need to strive to enter the narrow gate. God did not promise us a smooth and easy life on earth when we accepted Him as our saviour and Lord — our journey will be filled with persecution and rejection when we align ourselves to Christ.

Yet, Pastor Daniel provided great encouragement when he preached last Sunday about the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem. He reminded us of the power of Christ. Jesus fed the thousands, turned water to fine wine, healed leprosy, gave sight to the blind, healed the lame and even raised a dead girl, but gave up His right to himself and was crucified to death on the cross on our behalf.

I truly am thankful and honoured to be called His child by His blood.

When I was converted in my poly days, I followed up with regular bible studies, intensive bible seminars, bible camps and church camps, and was even involved in evangelistic outreach activities. By the world’s standards, I would probably be considered an advanced Christian.

However, even with all this “training” and “knowledge”, living life as a student in Poly and now, as a working adult, has not been easy. I am always bogged down by the limitation of time. I have been accused of not being a team player when unwilling to cover up the truth in order to get a good grade on a project or close a business deal. And I have faced many other persecutions as I

seek to walk with Christ.

Indeed, it is hard work, and impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit, to walk in step with Christ. When I remember my past sinful, ungodly life and all the present sins that I repeatedly

commit in thoughts, deeds and words, I have really felt that God made a mistake in calling me into His kingdom. But I thank God for His gift of the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit dwells within us, regenerating and renewing us, so that on that day when we meet Him face to face, we may be made perfect before Him.

This year’s pulpit teaching on the upside-down and inside-out kingdom of Christ has truly made clear to me that God works in ways totally opposite to how the world works. You don’t need to be great in order to be used by God. Rather, be willing to surrender and let Him take charge of your life, letting go of what is entangling and distracting you from knowing Him and His word.

Let us endeavour to allow God to sit on the throne of our lives, empowering us with the Holy Spirit to live lives that honour and glorify Him. - Dn Mike Fong

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