The miracle of the feeding of the 5000 is recorded in all of the four gospels. While we rightly use this passage to teach us Read more
In 2018, on Hermon’s 30th anniversary, each member was given a book. Why Bother With Church is a cheerful-looking little orange book by Sam Allberry. Read more
1 Kings and 2 Kings tell the story of the nation of Israel in the days of King Solomon and the kings after him. King Read more
Easter is a significant event in our church calendar that we commemorate. Our faith rests on the facts of Easter. And so, for Hermon, we Read more
It was a picture of victory: a king riding into his royal city, and his loyal subjects laying out a “red carpet” with their garments Read more
The formal definition of catechism is “instruct (someone) in the principles of Christian religion by means of question and answer,…”. We can also ask the Read more
“So, even though I believe in a good God, it was really hard to accept that this was what He believed to be good, and Read more
As we study 1 Kings 5 to 7, one cannot help but draw a parallel between the story in 1 Kings and Hermon’s church development Read more
“The goodness of God is the drive behind all the blessings He daily bestows upon us.”  —A. W. Tozer  Introduction During the recent Chinese New Read more
At our Communications Day on 17 Jan, I shared a slide with the title “Roll of Honour”. In it, we gave prominence to the books Read more