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What does Church Camp mean to me?

Church Camp concluded earlier last week, and it was blessed time of learning and fellowship for the Hermonites and Horebians in attendance. We read in last week’s editorial an intergenerational perspective on what Church Camp means to them. Let’s read now of their reflections.

Pastor Luwin Wong 


Nathan Cheng

I enjoyed church camp because I like the Children Programme.


In the Children Programme, we have activities like making Father’s Day Card on Father’s Day.


On the first day of the camp, we had 5 packets of Wang Wang biscuits and 2 packets of fish crackers for snack. We also made and painted a shield, a sword and a sword case.


I also learnt about Jonah and Jesus. Jonah’s story taught me that we cannot run away from God. I also learnt that Jesus did many miracles. Jesus has control over nature and evil spirits. He can also heal the sick and resurrect the dead. He can feed 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish.


This church camp was really fun and I wish I can go to church camp again.


Xavier Ng

By the grace of our loving God, bonds of agape love flourished between generations during the church camp last week at the Doulos Phos. "Seasons of Life" was a deeply eye-opening and soul-touching experience. The well-planned schedule and sermons provided ample time for reflections and perspectives from other age groups.


The camp's theme, "An Intergenerational Church," alongside Mt. Horeb, offered valuable insights into my spiritual journey in my current and upcoming seasons, learning from the mistakes of others and important reminders of walking by faith. The sermons helped me further understand my parents' struggles, fostering greater appreciation and kindness towards them, while reassuring me that God is constantly at work in my life. Special thanks to Group 9 for creating a supportive and safe environment for me to share my  views.


"Two Ways to Live" is a simplified yet comprehensive way to remind me of the gravity of our sins, but the good news is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died and rose again for the salvation of all who would trust in Him. It is a powerful tool that we can use to evangelize and share God’s words as His servants, speaking through Him.


Glenn Ang

At Church camp 2024, I felt immense gratitude toward God for several reasons. First, the camp provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ across different age groups, fostering new bonds. Second, the meaningful discussions were eye-opening as we shared our struggles from various life stages and witnessed God's blessings and work in our lives.


The sermons also deeply encouraged me, reminding me that God is always at work behind the scenes and we should always trust in God's perfect plan for us.


Lastly, I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve God and appreciate everyone who contributed to the camp's success. It's through God's grace and providence that everything came together.


Jamie Zhang

While individual reflection is important, church camp goes a step further. It's about learning and growing alongside peers who share the same faith. Nestled amidst the beauty of the sea view at Doulos Phos hotel, we delved into open discussions about navigating the complexities of "life's seasons" and faith.  The sermon touched upon topics particularly relevant to my current stage of early adulthood, such as career progression, raising children, self-development, and even navigating spouse conflict. Hearing diverse perspectives from individuals in different life stages sparked fresh insights and strengthened my faith.


What truly enriched the experience was the camp's diverse group. I had the chance to connect with people from various life seasons. Their experiences and wisdom offered invaluable guidance as I navigate my own. This fosters a supportive community where we can uplift and encourage one another on our spiritual journeys. Now I am returning home with renewed faith, a toolkit of practical tips gleaned from shared experiences, and a supportive network by your side, ready to tackle the challenges and joys of early adulthood with a newfound sense of purpose.


Karine Chew

The highlight for me was Pastor Daniel Chua’s sermon series titled The Seasons of Life, peppered with many testimonies that illuminated his teaching points.


As a parent of two young children, the framework of Faith-Value-Practices guides me in focusing on what is paramount and worth putting my feet down; it reinforces the importance of strengthening their faith in God which is non-negotiable, unlike practices, and inculcating values in them. My role is to disciple and pray for my girls alongside God who watches over them and orchestrates their paths.


How true that I became more reflective as I reached the midpoint of middle adulthood this year. As Pastor Chua shared about midlife regrets, I am exhorted not to let them define me but as reminders to maximize my remaining time on earth and resources in serving and forging intimate relationships.  Lastly, I will heed Pastor Chua’s suggestion and caution in aging well – outdo my spouse in kind deeds to each other, and live humbly because growing old does not necessarily mean growing wiser and walking closely with God.



Ps Peter Warren

Thank you so much for thinking of Horeb and inviting us to join your church camp. It was very good. I know that each Horebian benefitted. As a small church family, it was really good to see a bigger multi-generational church family in practice. I know that some of our young people were especially encouraged by being part of something bigger with other young people. In our discussion group members shared openly about their situations in their season of life. There was so much to be thankful for! Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support. May the camp be a significant step towards deeper bonding between our two churches.


Madam Saroja

I thank God for the opportunity to attend the church camp organised by your church. This was my second time attending the camp, and I was deeply touched by the love and fellowship extended to me. The experience truly embodied Christian love.

I thoroughly enjoyed the worship services and felt uplifted by the songs as we praised God together as one family. Despite being 83 years old and having mobility issues, I felt incredibly included in this Christian community.


It was heartening to see how comfortably the older adults interacted with the younger generation.


May the Lord bless this church abundantly as you continue to look to Christ and serve Him as His vessel in God's work.

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