Our Searching God – Comfort or Concern?

Date: 23 Oct 2022

Speaker: Eld Elgin Chan

Sermon Text: Psalm 139:1-24

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It is sometimes difficult to see God in control of the world and our lives when the world is facing so much turmoil, conflicts and uncertainties (ongoing pandemic, war in Ukraine, energy and food crisis, extreme weather patterns, etc). May psalmist David’s experience of suffering and hardship help us to see with the eyes of faith that God is still in control of the world and how His greatness is revealed in His loving care and protection over our lives.

I have entitled my message as “Our Searching God – Comfort or Concern?”. Why our searching God and not our beloved God? This is because I find it interesting that David opens this Psalm with a declaration, “O Lord, You have searched me and known me!” and then he concludes with a passionate prayer, “Search me, O God, and know my heart!”

I gather that David is pointing us to our God who manifests His loving care and concern for us by constantly looking out for us and watching over us, in the same way as how a loving parent would look out for his/her child.


Psalm is ascribed to psalmist David (2 Sam 23:1)

Composed for public worship (to Choir Director/Choir Master)

Consensus among Bible scholars – “Nowhere else in Scripture can we find God’s greatness so strikingly set forth as in Psalm 139”.

“Both in loftiness of thought and in expressive beauty of language, Psalm 139 stands preeminent, and it is not surprising that it has been called ‘the crown of the Psalms’”

“I-Thou” or “I-You” relatioship between psalmist David and God is emphasized prominently throughout & serves as the “unifying thread” throughout this Psalm.

Learning Points:

May I suggest 2 key learning points for our learning and encouragement:

A) God’s greatness revealed (v1-12) through: