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A mother's joy is multifaceted

One of the most remarkable aspects of motherhood is its resilience. Motherhood is a sacred calling. It is a journey marked by sacrifice, devotion, and unwavering faith as mothers selflessly dedicate themselves to the nurturing and upbringing of their children. Mothers seem to have  the ability to weather storms, overcome challenges, and embrace the responsibilities that come with nurturing a new life. Like a gentle shepherd guiding her flock, mothers lead with compassion, wisdom, and boundless love, shaping the moral compass of future generations. From sleepless nights and endless worries to moments of sheer joy and pride, the journey of motherhood is marked by many different patterns of emotions.


Amidst its joy and fulfilment, it is important to recognize the complexities and pressures that mothers often face. In a world that demands constant juggling of roles and responsibilities, many mothers must balance work, family, and personal aspirations. How many of the mothers have the luxury of handling just one thing: taking care of the family? Further, many are working mothers, each with her own dreams and desires as well. Indeed, the expectation to excel can be overwhelming. Notwithstanding the need for support systems like their husbands, own mothers, in-laws and helpers in the midst of financial need, she has to concern herself with her children’s expectation in school, their future, holidays, lifestyle, etc.


As we celebrate Mother's Day, let us not only honour the mothers who walk among us but also pay tribute to all ladies who have left a mark on our hearts and souls. Let us recognize the power of maternal love to heal, inspire, and transform lives. And let us strive to create a world where every mother and spiritual mother are valued, supported, and empowered to fulfil her God-given calling.

In Scriptures, we find numerous references to the respect accorded to mothers. Proverbs 31:28 states, "Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." This verse encapsulates the timeless wisdom of honouring and cherishing the maternal figures who grace our lives with their love and guidance.


In the spirit of gratitude, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a blessed Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, spiritual mothers and maternal figures who grace our lives with their presence. May your love continue to illuminate our path, guiding us closer to the divine embrace of God's unconditional love.


As we reflect on the exemplary qualities of motherhood, let us also extend our compassion and support to those who may find this day difficult. For some, Mother's Day serves as a reminder of loss, longing, or unfulfilled dreams. Let us offer prayers of comfort to those who may be grieving the absence of a mother, experiencing the pain of infertility, or grappling with the complexities of mother-child relationships.


Motherhood, with its divine characteristics of love, nurture, and selflessness, embodies the very essence of God's grace manifested in human form. I remember when I had my daughters, I better understood God’s love for me as I loved my daughters; I better understood God’s pain when I turned away from him whenever my daughters did not listen and chose a different path; I better understood God’s joy as He draws me back to Himself when my daughters realised the different path didn’t work and returned to the right path. I understood God’s heart a bit more from being a mother.


Many mothers will admit that they find it hard to pray and read the Bible amid their busyness; it is difficult to maintain a regular and spiritually disciplined life. Let us continue to love and trust God that we be confident that God will ultimately hear our prayers and turn our cries for help into songs of joy. God gives us the permission to express our human emotions and cry out.


Let us remember to thank the fathers and many others who recognize the need to support and uplift mothers in their journey, offering a helping hand, a listening ear, and words of encouragement in times of need.

Most importantly we want to especially thank God who is our Father and our childrens’ Father! In Christ, mothers never walk the path of motherhood alone.

Deaconess Tang Lai Kin

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