What is a Covenant Group?

A small group of members, regular friends and visitors meeting weekly or twice a month with the desire to see God’s calling for the individual and group fulfilled through fellowship, worship, discipleship and evangelism/outreach.

At Mt Hermon BP Church, covenant groups are the spiritual family units which the Lord calls us into His family. Besides providing support to nurture individual spiritual growth, they are also effective family units that serve the diverse needs in the Church through their involvement in various ministries.

Why Join a Covenant Group?

  • Jesus’ Model: Jesus began his earthly ministry by selecting men to be in a small group with Him as the CG leader. This was so important to Him and His ministry that He spent the whole night praying before selecting the group.
  • Jesus’ short-term goal: Jesus spent the majority of his time with the small group and this is evident in the Gospels.
  • Jesus’ long-term goal: Jesus’ small group was involved in ministering to the large group or multitude (feeding the 5000). The challenge to reach the world was given to the small group.
  • Jesus’ Leadership Team: Within the small group Jesus also developed a leadership team (Peter, James and John) and exposed them to special moments.
  • 1st Century Model: The “one-another” passages found in the epistles reflect the togetherness of the early church.
Joining a Covenant Group

We have several Covenant Groups (CG) at Mount Hermon, meeting at different locations and timings. If you are interested to join or simply want to find out more information you may email us church@hermon.org.sg. You may also refer to our Hermon Herald for the CG meeting date, venue and topic.