Moving to Henderson

Thank God for your attendance last Sunday at our last Communication Day for 2021. We had a good number of questions asked and we hope the answers given were clear and satisfactory. If not, please reach out to any one of us in the Session.

Completion of renovation work

I announced the official completion of our renovation work at Henderson. The final product of the completed work exceeded all our expectations and we are grateful to the project team led by Keng Chay and his team of very qualified people. We are also thankful to many others who were silent contributors and these include each and every one of our members. You have walked with us throughout the journey. I mentioned how in the early days you bore the inconveniences of attending several extraordinary congregational meetings (ECM) at short notice in order to pass urgent resolutions, which enabled us to move quickly to secure the Henderson facility and start the renovation work. You have been our strong and reliable pillar of support also in prayers and other important aspects of the project.

Renewal within Session

On leadership, I announced that a few of us will be stepping down from Session after we have served out our current term, which ends in April next year. (I tried to save time at our meeting for the rest of our Communication Day’s agenda to proceed, but I would really have liked to take the opportunity to thank each Session member for your faithfulness and steadfastness in service. I am sure there will be a day soon when the church shall recognise and honour your work, including our project team).

It has been our ardent hope to have a new and younger set of leaders, and our move to a new place presents just the opportunity and occasion to do so. Accordingly, I announced I would be stepping down as the moderator and will pass the role to Eld Chow Meng. We thank God for Eld Chow Meng, for his willingness to step up to be an elder at a time of our need and call. He will enjoy our loving support and I am glad we heard from him as he took the lead in answering some of your questions at our meeting. It is our desire that the new Session will be stronger in terms of their vision and commitment to God’s work. We are moving to Henderson with very experienced leaders and people in each ministry. They will be able to quickly read and react to the different environment at Henderson, adjusting and changing the forms of their ministries when needed without deviating from their core objectives.

Mindset change needed

We were reminded by Ps Luwin that a change in mindset will be essential for all of us at Henderson. As an example, the tight intervals between worship slots will mean that time for the usual fellowship after service will be sacrificed. However, the timing is planned such that we are able to maximise the use of the space for corporate worship. Once this priority has been met, we can explore new options for fellowship. Some preliminary ideas that have already been thought of are reserving places at nearby cafes that are within walking distance. Worshippers can head to the cafe, which will serve drinks and snacks.

The crucial role that CGs play in such a setup at Henderson was also emphasised. Small group meetings have been the mainstay and backbone of how we and most churches have been operating at large amid various Covid restrictions. The pandemic has revealed to us that having a big place is not necessarily a must-have nor is it a given advantage. We have seen how various big premises were barricaded and left empty during the periods of lockdown. The key learning of this outbreak and its traumatic impact is that we need to be flexible and adaptable, including the way we conduct our church and its ministries. Henderson is built and furnished as a good class studio both for video recording and online transmission of worship services, meetings and seminars. This is a must-have as it will be an ongoing need, as Ps Daniel reminded us of talk of another potential and more severe pandemic down the road.


We were also kept apprised of our financial situation and the potential increase in unexpected expenses. However, for now, we thank God that we are projected to be in a financially healthy state. One great encouragement is how each of you responded to Dn Pak Choon, our Treasurer’s appeal to address the shortfall in our General Funds a few months ago. Dn Pak Choon also announced that by the end of 2022, we will be able to pay off all outstanding loans taken from members, friends and fellow BPCIS churches.

‘Our Journey to Henderson Walk’

On behalf of the organisers, I urge all of you to sign up for the above. It will be held on Dec 11, a Saturday, starting out from CCKBC at 8am. You can form groups of two to five persons, and besides enjoying the fellowship during your walk, you can also be praying for various prayer items, which will be given to participants.


We hope the transportation arrangement to be made will be helpful in assisting some of our members and friends in the initial period. By now, I hope we have been encouraged by the sharing from sisters Dns Malar, Ramona and bros Dn Jiayi and David Leong on their reasons for joining us at Henderson.

Finally, I mentioned one last important approval we need from URA. We submitted our application a week ago and I will be following up on it. Do continue to keep this item in your prayer list. May the Lord’s hand be upon us as await this final approval from the authorities.

– Eld Peter Seah