Our 2 Peter bible study writers

We begin our third CG Open Month this week. And this time is special because our bible studies are written by an in-house team from the Young Adults Ministry. I thank God for their partnership in the gospel (the theme of last year’s CG Open Month series), and I would like us to hear a bit about their thoughts and heartbeat for the studies.

Dn Tan Jiayi. Prior to this CG open month, I did not have much experience in crafting a Bible study, neither did I feel like I was equipped to do so. However, the equipping sessions/material by Dr Mody, Stuart Morgan and Ps Luwin as well as the recent 5 Looks church conference was immensely helpful for me. I learned tools that enabled me to read and better understand a passage within its context, and to carefully work out questions that would be clear in bringing out the truth and applications found in 2 Peter. And what a rewarding experience it was!

It is my hope that members will find joy and encouragement in studying the book together in their CGs, allow the future reality of Jesus’ return to transform the way they live their lives today and realise the essential element of community, that we may keep each other accountable and persevere in leading godly lives together.

Priscilla Chan. If there’s one thing Singaporeans are good at, it’s at pointing fingers and criticising programmes or initiatives. Local churches don’t get away with it either. Worship services too boring, too loud; sermons too practical, not enough/too much focus on the bible, the list goes on. After feedback that off-the-shelf bible study materials were not very applicable or engaging for our local church

context, the decision was made to craft our own bible study materials, starting with CG Open Month.

Hermon has provided a series of equipping sessions through the 5 Looks Conference and Stuart Morgan to get us started. Speaking for myself, it wasn’t that I felt an epiphany that I needed to pen down and let the church know about God’s revelation to me. It was far from dramatic. Practically speaking, no one becomes better by reading. We become better by doing and practicing. Knowing this helped me take the first step of saying yes. Knowing that God has provided and will provide, and having Ps Luwin’s assurance that he would be there to answer any questions, further reassured me. Wrestling with the passage was challenging at times, but the joy that comes from searching and knowing God through his word was worth it.

It is my hope that through this study you will come to experience the same joy from wrestling with the passages and applying them to our lives, and the additional benefits of fellowship and mutual edification among your peers. Lastly, I hope that this will inspire others to serve in Hermon as it is through serving and knowing our inadequacies that we truly experience the grace and providence of God.

Lu Yanwen. Initially I was hesitant to write a bible study because of my lack of experience. But the church conference this year helped me prepare by learning how to dissect a bible passage. It was also helpful that I had a partner to co-write the bible study with (Priscilla). It was also encouraging that we had a group with the other bible study writers to bounce ideas off. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to write the bible study. It was definitely fun and rewarding. I hope the bible study will help Hermon understand 2 Peter better, and for those who have read 2 Peter before, I hope that our studies will help you see the passage in a different light.

Chun Jinghui. Having been exposed to studying the Bible in an expository manner and being equipped with the skills to do so in SMUCF has grown my love for and understanding of Jesus. As such, I was excited to apply the skills that I have been equipped with to serve Hermon by crafting a Bible study for CG Open Month. Throughout the writing process, I was able to meditate upon the truths in 2 Peter and also be encouraged by brothers and sisters in Christ as we fine-tuned the studies together.

I hope that through the studies, we will all be able to better appreciate God’s Word together as a church, and that members will be equipped to read the Word for themselves. More importantly, I pray that the truths that we learn will not only be head knowledge but also translate to visible changes in our lives as we journey in our Christian walk.

Phoebe Li. Writing a study in 2 Peter gave me the opportunity to apply the tools learnt for bible reading and crafting questions in church. There were frustrating moments during the process, especially when I just couldn’t seem to understand parts of the passage in light of the whole book. But I thank God for the supportive team and His own Spirit who opened my eyes and granted me understanding of His word. The joy of discovering treasures in His word makes the whole digging process truly beautiful and worth it – and I hope you will experience this too!

I pray that as we listen to the faithful preaching by Pastor Luwin and dig into 2 Peter together in our CGs, God will plant His great and precious truths deep in our hearts, that we may not forget but be transformed, and that we may grow in helping one another pursue and persevere in godly living as we eagerly await the glorious return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Sheryl Yew. Hi, everyone! Hope that you have been keeping well physically and mentally.

Amidst the difficulties in persevering through the pandemic, it is my hope that we will be able to keep strong as a church looking forward to the Day of Christ together. It has been heartening seeing us caring for and loving one another despite not being able to meet physically most of the time, and I hope that through CG Open Month, we will continue to grow together spiritually, encouraging and supporting one another while waiting eagerly for Christ’s return. I hope you’ll enjoy the time of growing in God’s Word, and in fellowship, together.

I pray that their reflections have encouraged you as they have me. And if so, let’s send some encouragement their way as well. Of all the ways we can do so, I am certain the best would be to eagerly and earnestly engage with the 2 Peter bible studies, and allow the Good News to do its good work in each of our lives!

– Ps Luwin Wong