Job title: Director of Operations

These are the job requirements. Mobility — work standing up most of the time; be constantly bending down; asserting yourself. High level of stamina, 24/7, 365 days, no breaks, lunchtime only after your associates are done with their lunches. Requires excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills. Security and education — degrees in medicine, in finance and in the culinary arts. Need to wear several hats whenever your associate might require you to. You need to stay up late or even through the night, and be able to work in a chaotic environment. There is no leave — you’ll even have to work on Good Friday, Christmas and your birthday.

Salary: None.

Would you want to take this job? Absolutely no way!

But there are billions of people holding this position, and they are mums. It is the toughest job anyone on earth can have and it is carried out with so much love and generosity.

Many mums like Mary watch their children grow up and treasure special moments in their hearts (Luke 2:19,51). There are also many events and situations that take place in their children’s lives, which mums will not always understand. But they pray and entrust the growth of their children to God.

It is vital to understand God’s grace to us as Christians because God shows us who He is, who we are and the best relationships we ever have. Being a Christian matters more than being a mum. Our love as mums flows out of our inner lives. As mums give to their children, fatigue and self-preservation wash away all our patience and self-control. Mums need Jesus more than ever.

When I first became a mum and subsequently twice over, I learnt to appreciate God my Heavenly Father for His love to me when He gave His only Son to die for my sins. Didn’t I want to love my child and protect him from anything? Sacrificing him for others was unthinkable. How much He has grieved whenever I have turned away from Him. Doesn’t it grieve us when our children disobey God? He disciplines me for my sake. Don’t we, as mums, always say that to our children?

This is for all the mums who try so hard to get it right — when our confidence as mothers is shaken or when motherhood is challenging, especially when it has become a full-time job. Above all, mums want to raise confident, competent children who become adults with the inner strength to honour God regardless of what the rest of the world does.

When we have a heart for God, we will have a heart for ministry, and that includes our ministry to our children. These go hand in hand. When we meet the Master, ministry naturally follows. Motherhood becomes a partnership with God. We are not alone.

Jesus forgave a sinful woman of her many sins and she began to love Him much (Luke 7:47). Having been forgiven much, she began to love much, and ministry was the natural outcome. Martha and Mary, greatly loved by Jesus, loved him back by serving Him, each in her own way. The mother of James together with others served Jesus by preparing His body for burial (Luke 24:10). The woman at the well, having met Jesus, began at once to share her discovery with the people in her town (John 4:28-29). Jesus healed Simon’s mother-in-law of her fever and she began to serve Jesus and the others (Mark 1:31).

Once we have had a personal encounter with Jesus, motherhood will feel less lonely, and treating parenting like a ministry is not a maybe but a must

May I take this opportunity to wish all mothers, who are Directors of Operations, a happy Mother’s Day and a happy motherhood ministry.

Do take some time off your busy schedule to let your mum know she is appreciated and loved. Give her a hug or a kiss, bring her out, spend time with her and be there for her. I hope this is not done just because today is Mother’s Day but because God wants good things for His children — and that includes mums.

– Dns Tang Lai Kin