Giving thanks for another year of ACM

Thank God for our 33rd Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM), which took place last Sunday. Ps Daniel refreshed our memory of our early history that led to where we are at the moment, with our upcoming move to Henderson. With regard to Henderson, we are once again thankful for the unwavering support of our members. It is this great level of support that the Session and the various committees involved have been riding on, in order to carry out all the necessary steps to arrive at our current stage: renovating and outfitting the place. In a few months’ time, we hope to receive news that the work has been satisfactorily completed and that the place is ready to receive the church as the new outreach in the neighbourhood.

We are also thankful for another ACM. As it has been our hope that a new generation of leaders will take Hermon forward at Henderson, Jiayi’s election last Sunday was a good start. Jiayi was born and raised in Hermon. Before he was approached for election as a deacon, he was already serving the Lord actively in the Children and Youth ministry (HCYM), and currently heads the Young Adult CG Committee. Additionally, he invested two years in attending our New Leaders Equipping (NLE) course and completed the programme last year, along with six others. We hope Jiayi’s faithful and godly example will encourage and lead more of his peers and our younger members to follow in his footsteps.

At the ACM, I alerted the church to the need for making various adjustments at Henderson. These include getting used to the change in environment and the constraints of space, and also the need to understand the regulatory requirements that come with the use of an industrial property. Regardless of these possible challenges, we will be looking for every opportunity available for witnessing, be it from Monday to Friday when we run and operate a URA-permitted trade, or during the weekends when we prepare the place for worship. Everyone and every organisation outside our unit should be considered our outreach field.

Meanwhile, even as we carry out the tasks needed to prepare for our relocation, we are not distracted from the need to abide by the call to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of our Lord. We were mindful of this need way back when we were searching for a place, and interacting with property agents and owners. In all these, we acted as representatives not only of Hermon, but more importantly, of the Lord. Now, as our work gathers pace, especially on the final leg of our project, more of us will come into contact with more parties outside the church. It is needful and important to remind ourselves once again that our outreach and witness go together. There should be no dichotomy between who we say we are and how we act. Therefore, let us not forget to pray for each other and for the Lord’s grace and strength in helping us to maintain this fundamental consistency as His witnesses. 

Finally, we hope we will not miss any of our members or friends after our move to Henderson. During the months ahead, we will continue to have communication sessions to update you and to answer any questions. Meanwhile, more things are being worked on to make it more convenient for members to commute to the new place — for example, the provision of transport services during the initial period.

Let us look forward to our new home and the work that is set before us. Each significant milestone in our history is an occasion to learn and to develop deeper faith in God. Our move to Henderson is one such milestone, where we must make progress in our growth and discipleship. The apostle Paul exhorts us to go beyond conversion to discipleship, to ‘present everyone mature in Christ’ (Colossians 1:28). We do not yet know how God will lead us at Henderson, but we do know what is expected of us. Therefore, let us work on this, one confident step at a time, because it is done in accordance with divine direction. Like the hardworking farmer in Paul’s illustration of a good soldier for Christ in 2 Timothy, we should see and reap our share of fruits in due time. Whatever the form and manner those fruits take, they shall embody the vision and future of Henderson, for and to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

– Eld Peter Seah