Discipling into our 4th lap

A blessed New Year to one and all. 2020 has been quite a challenging journey for all of us, with the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021 is now looking much brighter with Singapore entering Phase 3. As we reflect on this global pandemic, may we be reminded that Christmas highlights for us the cosmic pandemic that humanity faces, thus, the need for a Saviour in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Yet, when we receive Jesus as our Saviour, Scripture says, He also becomes Master and Lord. Therefore, we have often been reminded, we are not just believers of Jesus Christ, we are disciples. We don’t just believe in the saving grace of Jesus at Calvary, we also walk in the sustaining grace of Jesus daily. And this is the focus of Hermon’s mission statement – to glorify by being and making disciples of Christ Jesus. For we hold firmly that as redeemed sinners, we are called to obediently live out the Great Commandment (Mt 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20). So in Hermon, our mission statement gives us the collective aim of discipleship as instructed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are now going into our fourth lap, with our transition to 219 Henderson in 2022. Hermon’s first lap began in 1975 at a pharmacy in a shophouse in Telok Blangah. Space was limited and we had to move many times. Our second lap (1987) was at the Boys’ Brigade HQ at Zion Road. The premises were bigger but at times, when the venue was not available, we had Sunday services in restaurants. In those days, the ministry was mainly focused on the congregants

Our third lap (1996) is here at CCKBC, where we are currently with our sister churches Hebron, Horeb and Gerizim. This is where our membership has grown many times over, and we have had the opportunity to minister to the neighbourhood as well as grow our overseas missions.

As we look forward to our fourth lap, the Lord is calling us back to our initial mission field.  May we go forth more united and mature as a church, yet with the same zeal to live out our missions statement.

Our upcoming lap may be our fourth, but God’s call for Hermon remains essentially the same. And we have developed our understanding of discipleship in the following ways.

Firstly, we have our 6Ws, developed to give us ‘handles’ on what discipleship means for Hermon. In 2020, Ps Luwin has helpfully made it more concise, for easier recollection and to emphasise our identity and responsibilities as disciples of Christ.

WordLoving, knowing & living out God’s Word which points us to Christ and the response we need to make.Receiving the Word of Christ
WorshipComing before God with a heart full of praise, adoration & thanksgiving as a family.Participating in Sunday Service as the body of Christ
WatchBowing our knees in humility and reverence to God.Praying to the Father in the name of Christ
WalkSteadfastly fixed in our love to God and being accountable to His people.Living like Christ before others
WorkServing in recognition of God filling us with His gifts and graces.Exercising our gifts for others as service to Christ
WitnessWitnessing for Christ in every aspect of our livesSharing with others our faith in Christ

Secondly, to these 6Ws, we have added the angle of “Head, Heart and Hands”. We acknowledge that transformed lives only happen when God’s Word is applied. And so, the teaching ministries that equip our “Heads” must lead to the vital Covenant Group Ministry that connects them to our “Hearts”. For when we understand God’s Word correctly and it has convicted our hearts, it will bear fruit through our “Hands”. We believe that when our discipleship journey is as such, we will persevere in serving, for God’s grace is flowing through us.

Finally, Ps Luwin has put them all together into one table. Under BEING, there are 3 Ws which serve to mature us in Christ: Word, Watch and Worship. Under MAKING, there are 3 Ws which help us live in a missional manner for Christ: Walk, Work and Witness. And we have placed the Head, Heart, Hands emphasis alongside Being and Making to visually suggest that the Head, Heart and Hands (and their corresponding ministries) are working in tandem with our core values. So, as disciples, our call is to be maturing in God and to be missional for God.

In this transition year of 2021, may we be reminded that our mission statement continues to be relevant in our fourth lap, and may discipleship truly be in Hermon’s DNA as we follow in obedience God’s leading to Henderson.

– Ps Daniel Tan