25 Dec 2020



Christmas this year is VERY different.

All the laughter, gathering, sharing, GONE.

It’s a COVID Christmas.

And what must we do during this COVID Christmas? We DISTANCE.

The malls are closed really early. The streets are LIFELESS. The roads are empty.

We’re keeping our distance. We’re wearing our MASKS.

We eat strictly from our own plates. WE DON’T SHARE.

We have to. It’s the right thing to do.

But you miss it, don’t you? I know I do. We miss TOGETHERNESS. Deep down inside, we’re creatures who LOVE being together.

And so, we look forward to GOOD NEWS. News of things getting better.

Well, you know, Christmas itself is good news! In fact, the REAL Christmas, the original Christmas, IS GOOD NEWS.

It is news of things made better. News that we can be together in a better way.

That news was announced on the first Christmas, many years ago.

The first Christmas day, it was told to some unsuspecting shepherds, by an angel.

He said “I bring GOOD NEWS for you all: a SAVIOUR is born to all of you”.

But what did he save us from? He saved us from the evil that separates us. He saved us from the death that we so fear. And most importantly, he saved us from the distance that isolated us from God.

Then the angel told them where they can find this Saviour, who is JESUS CHRIST.

And when they found him just as the angel had said, just as the BIBLE had stated,

they recognised and shared the GOOD NEWS.

And today, we also recognise the GOOD NEWS: that Jesus Christ our Saviour was gifted to us, on the REAL Christmas day. So that we who were once isolated and living in fear of death, can now receive life and be together with God.

That is why the focus of this year’s Christmas is NOT COVID. It’s not about us keeping away. It is about the GOOD NEWS that a Saviour had been given to us. And we come together responsibly to share this GOOD NEWS, because Jesus Christ is that Saviour that the Bible said He would be.