Setting our mind on things above

Human minds make powerful connections. While our brain is the command centre or the central organ of the human nervous system, our human thoughts affect the way we think, believe and behave. The world we live in gives us different views of how we can live our lives on this earth. Advertisers spend millions of dollars to capture our attention and make us follow the way the world thinks. This leads us to adopt a worldly lifestyle, leaving God out. Dismally, this makes our thinking futile, lacking true understanding of how God wants us to live.

The natural tendency of human beings is to think our way away from God, leaving them hopeless and confused. The apostle Paul described how the pagans lived typical Gentile lifestyles from which the Christians must flee. God made us alive so that we need not go with the flow of the world, following the desires of the flesh that oppose the spirit of God. When we become a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5-17), we are to live out the Christian life by putting off the old self and putting on the new self. When we desire to be different, renewed in the mind of Christ, we are being rooted and built up in Christ, and established in the faith. And we will be overflowing with thankfulness (Colossians 2:7).

Right thinking is important for right living. What we think in our minds determines how we act. There is continuity between our actions, thoughts and attitudes (Proverbs 23:7).  Sanctification is an ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in us. When we set our affection on things above (Colossians 3:1-2), we are appropriating our ongoing instruction in Christ, which is the source of truth and the work of the Holy Spirit, who is described as the Spirit of Truth in John 16:12-15.

Therefore, setting our minds on things above helps us to build our lives from a heavenly perspective; to condition our minds to think with a biblical outlook that seeks God’s will. True happiness can never be found in what the world has to offer. Matthew 6 reminds us that true happiness and treasures are only found in heaven. Paul emphatically claims that believers are buried with Christ through baptism and raised with Him through faith, and that we are to live for Christ and not for ourselves anymore. A mind that is set towards heaven will reflect in the way we live our lives. One of the best ways to develop a spiritual discipline is to read God’s word and to pray without ceasing.

In Hermon, our ministries are gospel centric and that helps us to put on the mind of Christ in everything that we do for the Lord. Our pulpit ministry faithfully teaches us the word of God week after week. As we unpack the scripture verses in our bible study, what we are doing is taking in God’s word deeply, and that helps us to set our minds on things above.  The more we let God in and let go of ourselves, the more we will mature in Christ and move towards the heavenly goal.

In the prayer ministry, we engage in corporate prayer. As we pray about all that concerns the church and the members, we are actually learning how to love God and one another. Isn’t that what our Lord commanded us to do? As we become more involved in the business of God, we are being fashioned to adopt a biblical perspective in everything.

Let us press on and set our minds on things above, which are of eternal value.

– Dns Malar Thomas