Philippians at a glance

The past 10 weeks have been a blessed season of immersion into Philippians. The letter has clarified for my heart and mind what it means to be a Gospel Partner. This high calling is a call to be lowly, and Christ is our example. I am convinced that Mt Hermon will be radically transformed if we continue to dwell in the truths of Philippians. To facilitate that, here’s our sermon series at a glance, in an application-driven summary, which I pray will shape our minds, move our hearts and drive our work, for the glory of Christ in our church.

Philippians 1:1-8

Q: What does a Gospel Partner’s heart look like?

A: The heart of a gospel partner is characterised by appreciation, affirmation and affection.

  • Appreciate your gospel partners. (1:3-5)
  • Affirm God’s good work in them. (1:6)
  • Affectionately yearn for them. (1:7-8)

Philippians 1:9-11

Q: How do we pray for our Gospel Partners?

A: The way we pray for Gospel Partners is for them to increase in love and truth, leading to righteousness, to the glory of God.

  • Pray for their growth in love. (1:9a)
  • Pray for their growth in knowledge. (1:9b)

Pray for them to be filled with the fruit of righteousness.    (1:10-11)

Philippians 1:12-30

Q: What are the life priorities of Gospel Partner?

A: Gospel Partners rejoice at the preaching of Christ, honour Christ in life or death and stand as one for the Gospel of Christ.

  • Rejoice so long as Christ is proclaimed. (1:12 – 18a)
  • Revere Christ whether in life or death. (1:18b – 26)
  • Resolve to stand united for the Gospel of Christ. (1:27 – 30)

Philippians 2:1-11

Q:  What kind of mind should a Gospel Partner have?

A: The mind of a gospel partner is the mind of Christ, who did not think selfishly but humbly, which ultimately led to glory.

  • Have a mind that in humility considers others above self. (2:1–4)
  • Have a mind that prefers humility as a servant over equality with God. (2:5–8)
  • Have a mind that remembers that humility is the path to glory. (2:9–11)

Philippians 2:12-30

Q: What manner of life should Gospel Partners imitate?

A: Gospel partners should be modelled after children of God (not grumbling or disputing), Timothy (who sought the interests of Christ) and Epaphroditus (who risked his life for the work of Christ).

  • Like children of God, do not grumble or dispute. (2:12 – 18)
  • Like Timothy, seek not your own interests but the interest of Christ. (2:19 – 24)
  • Like Epaphroditus, give your life to the work of Christ. (2:25 – 30)

Philippians 3:1-11

Q:  How does a Gospel Partner make his life count?

A:  The Gospel Partner makes his life count by dis-counting all earthly achievements and counting only on the true gospel, because he counts knowing Christ as surpassing worth.

  • Count on the true gospel. (3:1-3b)
  • Count earthly gain as loss. (3:3c-7)
  • Count the surpassing worth of knowing Christ. (3:8-11)

Philippians 3:12-21

Q: How should Gospel Partners Walk?

A: Gospel Partners walk as heavenly citizens, downwards, forwards and upwards, in pursuit of the prize of Christ, and not as enemies of the Cross of Christ.

  • Walk towards our prize in Christ. (v12-17)
  • Walk not as enemies of the Cross. (v18-19)
  • Walk as heavenly citizens. (v20-21)

Philippians 4:1-23

Q:  Why can Gospel Partners always rejoice? (4:1-23)

A:  Gospel Partners can always rejoice because of the future assurance of heaven, the present experience of peace and the provision of God for every need.

  • Rejoice and reconcile, for your names are in the book of Life. (v12-17)
  • Rejoice and not be anxious, for the God of peace is at hand. (v18-19)
  • Rejoice and be a gospel partner, for God will supply all your needs. (v20-21)

Ps Luwin Wong