7 June 2020, 11 a.m

The Generous King and His Grand Kingdom

Speaker: Rev Dr Andrew Reid
Text: Psalm 145

  1. A Child of the World to Come
  2. A Special Psalm
  • The Big Picture
  • The Details
  • The Proclamation: Kingly/Godly Sovereignty
  • The King of Psalm 145 at Work on His Throne
  1. Living Under Psalm 145
    • What will you say?
    • What will you pray?
    • How will you live?

Reflection Questions

  1. Share with others the main things that you learnt about God from this Psalm. Perhaps one, two or three things.
  2. After hearing this psalm preached, what verse of the psalm is your favourite? Explain why.
  3. The preacher told us of two great truths from this psalm: God is both good and great. How and where are these truths reflected in the life and ministry of Jesus?
  4. What is the main response that we should make to God when we understand this psalm? How can we help each other do this better?