Think differently in Christ

Right thinking is important for right living. What we think in our minds determines how we act. Every action and behaviour is rooted in our judgements, and our thoughts have the power to either paralyse or encourage us. Paul reminds the believers that we are being rooted and built up in Christ and therefore, we are to be renewed in the mind of Christ (Romans 12:2). Putting God first in everything and seeking Him and His righteousness is the way to start right living.

When we become more fascinated with God than with the things of this world, we grow in intimacy with God and we will overflow with thankfulness. This blessing of knowing the Lord must also be passed down to the next generation. A Christian home must be the epicentre of spiritual development where parents are called to teach, talk and walk out their faith daily as they train up their children in the Lord. While parents cannot control what their children are exposed to outside their home, they can influence them inside the home.

Looking back, as a young working mother, I had my fair share of struggles in raising up our three children. It was challenging when they fell behind at school. On bended knees, I turned to God and released our children to the Lord so that they could be taught by the Lord. With humility and by the grace of God, all I desired for them was that they knew God, loved and served Him faithfully, and were a blessing to others. On our part, we made sure that our children went to church with us every Sunday, travelling from the East every week.

Putting our Christian faith into practice requires conviction and obedience. There are many ways of discovering our spiritual gifts and the best way is to simply begin serving in one of the various ministries of the church. That is how my journey of serving God in Hermon started. Additionally, attending Sunday school in church and participating in family worship at home helped our children in their spiritual development.

We can intentionally set aside time to study God’s word and understand scripture. We can engage ourselves in prayer, bible study and fellowship with the community of believers. With the fruits of the Holy Spirit, we can bless others by loving and serving them. One of the most powerful ways to influence our children with right thinking is to show them how to live out the gospel in our lives and as mothers, we have this great privilege of nurturing our children. While doing this, mothers themselves need spiritual growth.

Let me share with you how God has given me an opportunity to put on the mind of Christ during the COVID-19 “circuit breaker” period. As my work is not listed as an essential service, I was instructed to work from home. While staying at home with my family, I cook all the meals for them. To make it more meaningful and interesting, I bring my mobile phone to the kitchen and turn the volume up, and I listen to online sermons. What a joy to listen to God’s word as I cook! Since my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) audio notes and lectures are available online, I listen to them as well. In this way, I am also adequately prepared to lead my group of ladies in the online bible study.

Through participating in CGs online, prayer meetings, conducting online Bible lessons for the children in HCYM, and worship service, God has enriched my spiritual experience and brought it to a higher level. Enthusiastically, I look forward to every CGL equipping time to study God’s word.

May we have our thinking continually renewed and experience God’s unstoppable power in our lives.

– Dns Malar Thomas