26 Apr 2020, 11 a.m

Transformed by the word

Speaker: Rev Daniel Chua
Text: Exodus 3:1-6

What does it take to be transformed by god’s word?

How do we know if we are being transformed by god’s word?

Reflection Questions

 When we are marked by the following traits…

  • A desire to travel to the ‘far side’ for communion with God
  • A willingness to say ‘Here I am’ when God speaks into our life
  • A humility to respect the ‘holy ground’ and ‘take off our sandals’ in God’s presence
  • A hunger for God to reveal himself leading us to ‘hide our face’ in awe

Our Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) was to be held today, Sunday 26 April. But we had to postpone it. The elevated safe distancing and closure of non-essential services were implemented on 07 April, and we could not physically gather. We now plan to hold our ACM sometime in May. Our leaders have decided that we should plan to hold it virtually.

A virtual ACM means there would be no physical gathering of members. Instead, we would participate through electronic means using an online platform. A register of attendees would still be kept so that we could ascertain the quorum. Members would still vote, and there would be a time for answers to submitted questions. But all these would be done online.

As this would be the first time for all of us, may I highlight several things we may expect to see, and what would be expected of us.

  1. Electronic registration. Each attendee needs to be uniquely identified, just as in normal ACM. To do this, each member needs to register online to participate in the ACM.
  2. Email is the identifier. In order for each to register online, we need to provide our emails. Almost all of us have a personal email. There is a small percentage who has not given us your email. We would appeal to you to prepare one for registration. Less than a handful would never need to have one. We would understand, and will work out a proxy alternative with you.
  3. Voting will be online. In this ACM, there are resolutions to be passed. Members will vote electronically. The system will count the votes for us.
  4. Q&A Session. As with past ACMs, members would be required to submit their questions ahead of the meeting. In the actual meeting, members may also seek clarifications by raising hands electronically when the Q&A session is opened.
  5. Electronic devices. Our means to participate in the online ACM is through electronic devices like laptops, PCs, and smartphones.

Many of us already own one or more of this. Some may be sharing with family members. To vote online, we need to use our own device. If this is not possible, please let us know.

  1. Observe online protocol and etiquette. As with any ACM, join on time, be punctual. During the proceedings, when someone is presenting, attendees would be muted. When time comes for clarifications, raise your hand electronically, and wait for your turn to speak.
  2. Security. Some of us may have concerns about security when doing things online. Good thing is, there are many things we can do to minimise the risk. We have also formed a Technology Security

Committee from amongst our members who are industry professionals, and they have helped to draw up a set of best practice guidelines for us.

  1. Tests and rehearsals. We would be organising test sessions in groups, and at CG level. We like as many members as possible to participate in the rehearsals. Please join in, so that we know what problems you may have, and help to resolve it before the actual event.

ACM is like a family reunion. Even though we are conducting it virtually, let us come united as a family, determined to overcome or work around the constraints we face today.

Let us also recognise our diversity. Each of us has different levels of technical savviness, ease in adopting new technologies and ways of doing things. Do support one another, be patient with each other, help one another.

ACM is also a mark of a church maturity. When we come together, we reflect on what God has done for us, we give thanks and praise Him. We encourage the ministries and team members, and commit to the LORD our plans for the following year.

This coming virtual ACM, may God allow us again to vindicate His Word that Unity and Maturity go hand in hand (Ephesians 4:13), and in spite of our Diversity, we may continue to display “the stature of the fullness of Christ”, and grow as we build ourselves up in love (Ephesians 4:16).

This year, even though it would be a ‘high tech’ ACM, we would not leave anyone behind for lack of email or electronic devices, so long as you want to be part of the event.

Concerns, clarifications or questions? Do tell us about it, drop a note to our BOE.